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Monday, November 21, 2011

Biography of Silvia Stagg

Silvia Stagg For President...2011-2040...Republican Candidate...until we get there!



VOTE Silvia Stagg Republican Candidate For US President 2011 - 2040!

Biography of Silvia Stagg


I am a National Security Victim Witness, and US Presidential Candidate.  Since August 4-2011, I am actively filed with the FEC/Federal Election Commission Aug 4-2011 – Jan 31-2018 and the US Office of Government Ethics as your only Life Extension – Most Trusted Programs Candidate accepted by both-the Republican and Democratic National Parties as their US Presidential Candidate as a matter of national security! 



The term Most Trusted was a name given to me by the United States Department of Justice Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI/Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller after investigating myself, my handwriting and content analysis of my submission to the US Dept of Justice. A designation I am proud of, you can be sure!



Being a member of the well known Benitez-Rexach family of Puerto Rico, I was born in Brooklyn New York (Kings County) on July 27-1957. I am one-quarter German, Polish, Puerto Rican/Spanish and French. For one year each, I lived in Puerto Rico and Mexico as a child.  For Five years I was married to the son of a former Consulate General-Charge D’Affairs to Manhattan-New York City from Panama, Juan Antonio Stagg. My mother, Marion Haag, graduated from St. Anne’s Parochial High School in Brooklyn N.Y. as ‘Valedictorian’ like her brother, Edward Haag,  who went on to graduate from Princeton University with Honors! Though, mother completed only two years of Business College in the 1960s she became a  Businesswoman owning a garment factory in China Town-Manhattan-N.Y. employing 50 Singer Sewers of Women Sportswear, a business she named:  ‘Silver Star Trading Company.’ All of this accomplishment yet never graduating from Princeton University as did her brother Edward who became lifelong Post Master in Cherry Hill New Jersey. Mother’s father, Edward Von Haag founded the first Plumber’s Union in Brooklyn, New York.



During the late 1960s, after selling her Garment Factory, my mother ‘Marion’ was later employed for one year by the FDA/Food and Drug Administration in Washington-DC, while my step-father was a US Secret Service Agent at-the White House for Lyndon Baines Johnson.  My uncle, my mother’s brother, graduated with honors from Princeton University-New Jersey and retired from the lifelong position of Post Master with the US Postal Services Cherry Hill-New Jersey. My uncle Edward Haag’s first daughter followed in his footsteps graduating from Princeton University with Honors! In 1992, before realizing I was a National Security Victim Witness, I continued developing my Photography-Art Studio, advertising in a fair amount of publications, including Forbes Magazine 2/1993.   My business closed down January 1995, forcing me to dedicate myself to fighting against the injustices of Black Ops Technology abuses. While submitting my extensive Federal Victim-Witness complaints and campaigning for the US Presidency I nearly completed my Bachelor Degree in Journalism-Photojournalism at MDC and FIU, both Colleges, though still too hunted as I continue to obtain Federal/State Victim-Witness Protection though I shall continue to remain accessible as a Presidential Candidate and your last good gnome individual.



While working on my Federal Victim-Witness case, tortured and hunted by the worldwide Mole Net-work mother and my self-needed to-be Placed into Federal Victim Witness Protection but were illegally denied, purposely ignored enabling the psychotics to have Their sadistic Pleasure while We tried-to Save ourselves with little to no assistance from Anyone!  The first seventeen years, I applied for  Federal Victim Witness Protection for seventeen years, the first seven years, creating and designing what came to-be-titled: Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infra-structure Programs with Life Extension with Good Gnome’ After my Government nickname/codename ‘Most Trusted,’ I became a Church Choir Member and Church Reader for the Catholic Church and Episcopal Church located in Niagara Falls-New York. While I was a Choir Member, I was again Baptized Catholic and Confirmed as a Catholic at Holy Family’s Churches: Lady of Mount Carmel and Saint Joseph on April 3-2010 in preparation of my tortured death punishment for being a good gnome personality (a moral personality with no psychiatric dysfunction).


To date, I have been fortunate to survive, primarily due to my loving beloved good gnome, mother, named Marion Haag,  a disabled  National Section 8  (wheelchair case her knees attacked by Black Ops EMS/Technology via George W. Bush who along with Obama and Trump has seriously injured my spine as well) illegally evicted from her home of 18 years Baptist in Long Beach-California on November 2-2013. And  shortly thereafter, mother was kidnapped and held hostage by the exploitive and heinous mass murdering Mole Network of Los Adult Protective Services – Public Guardian subjecting mother to three years of  Locked Closed Ward Nursing Facilities, that last two 2-21/2 years mother was held against her will and mine at East Terrace Rehabilitation – Country Villa Nursing Facility in Los Angeles and other Care Facilities-Hospitals, whereby mother was kept isolated from family and friends in a locked/closed ward and subjected to torture in various forms such as daily harmful injections of unnecessary medication used to treat Parkinson’s Disease and  Dementia while being starved to death for  2 years  by East Terrace Rehabilitation Staff who inserted a feeding tube into her against her will, while denying her use of her electric wheelchair, and denied outside contact with the world except for myself her daughter who spoke to her weekly by phone allowed only one phone call a week until they murdered mother at Olympia Medical Center in Los Angeles – CA against her will injecting her with five lethal injections by Olympia Medical Center Staff on her birthday October 14-2016.  Days earlier, I had declined “Permission for a Permanent IV to be placed into Mother’ explaining my mother was an endangered Federal Victim-Witness unable to speak to my illegally isolated mother Who was allowed one last telephone call to a daughter by way of nurse!



Upon a prior visitation in Spring 2016, I had already spoken with Olympia Medical Center Social Worker regarding mother’s Federal Victim-Witness Status and the endangerment to her life and she came up with Promise Hospital which to my recollection did not treat mother well and so she was sent back to East Terrace Rehabilitation Center – Country Villa. My letters and pleas to save my mother’s life to the California and Federal Legislatures and Law Enforcement went ignored laughing in their psychotic hysteria and psychotic orgasmic relief as they the US Congress el al ‘Influence Peddle’ everyone’s life away to be raped by Black Ops Technology Hoares! Unfortunate, that our government is so incompetent, but that is reality and we must change these practices forever or cease to exist altogether. The choice is ours! To date the corrupt USDOJ Attorney General Jeff Sessions is still obstructing Justice on this and all of my Black Ops Technology casework as ‘Too Hot To Handle’ with my being hunted – tortured and more White European Christian Race Souls hunted – tortured to death! Patriots we only have each other. Reportedly, the White European Christian Race Souls of the Democratic Party are interested in supporting me, and my Presidential Candidacy as well, with perhaps 10-30 million DEM Voters and Contributions!  Though, I am hunted/tortured by Clinton Democrats Who murdered my mother and millions of our beloved White European Christian Race – leaving only the best to survive Anarchy in America and the World! We finally have enough power once they truly join us and make our emasculated Republicans safer by so doing. The DNC is beginning to acknowledge my work, and the plight of the White European Christian Race and news of our struggle is sent by myself, our advocate to the world who speaks on our behalf for mercy and salvation.



Mother (Marion Haag) stayed for shorter periods of time, i.e. as Los Alamitos Hospital where we were successful in having mother removed only to be placed in other hospitals such as Silverlake Hospital, and Promise Hospital Staff with whom this writer had contact, cooperated with the tortured murder of my mother East Terrace Rehabilitation – Country Villa Illegal Misuse of a stomach feeding tube inserted into my mother against our Wishes to deteriorate Her condition-torture her-to death due to newly hired Black Ops Technology Moles Who mass murder on behalf of the US Congress-US Presidents’ psychotic View of ‘Planned Obsolescence’ including Presidents William Jefferson Clinton, wife Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama, et al, using newly hired at East Terrace-Country Villa December 2015 as Administrator and Social Worker further destroyed my mother, Marion Haag, a true Patriot Who Save my life with financial assistance as the Federal Government purposely delayed implementing our Federal Victim Witness Protection housing & funds to guarantee our tortured murders, a problem still ongoing leaving me only alive.  Keep voting out corrupt Incumbent or we die forever!



Additionally, the only  form of nourishment allowed mother subjected to daily physical and mental torture, brainwashed, denied hygiene assistance and denied dentures,  denied a cell phone sent-by myself (days before being shipped off to the Murderous Hospital of Olympia Medical Center), under the guise of Birthday present to safeguard mother’s life and add enjoyment to her forced isolated life. Reportedly,  mother was gagged and held down and reportedly (per Hillary Clinton, William Jefferson Clinton, Barack Obama, Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen Patrick Leahy, and former Speaker John Boehner)  given Five Lethal Injections of Insulin every Five Minutes until dead on her birthday Friday October 14-2016 by Olympia Medical Hospital Staff Who repeatedly denied me to speak to her directly!



Barack Hussein Obama per the wishes of Hillary Clinton and William Jefferson Clinton (Who were already Impeached nearly Removed From Office by the US Congress) exacted their psychotic revenge for being two good gnomes who wanted to save Earth’s Otherwise Lawful including the Minorities, had I been allowed to rise to the US Presidency prior to their Heinous Barack Hussein Obama lowering America’s Mean Life Span to 73 years for Both men and women before unheard of in macroeconomics and murdering my beloved good gnome mother, Marion Haag, another once accomplished, high Intelligence Quotient Attractive White European Christian Women!


Life Psychotic, the use of advanced technology to create a Murderous Mole Network to hunt down good people will end only with a good gnome society and government! That is why Hillary Clinton and anyone Like Hillary will always be OUTVOTED in the United States of America! Reportedly, the actual vote Tally needs to-be verified.  However, it was claimed early on, that those Clinton Democrats with some conscience actually outvoted Hillary Clinton by Not voting and she actually received only 18 million votes in response to Her publicly admitting to murdering my mother (Marion Haag) to prove “How powerful she is.” And in her hateful vengeful manner, the Clintons’ targeted Russia and Russia President Vladimir Putin. 


Fellow Patriot, help me save our endangered world and our precious and endangered  White Christian European Descent Race now facing Race Extinction within One Hundred Years by making me your US President!  I  require Campaign Funds (US$2,500.00-US $5,000.00) Per Person Each Primary-General Election Campaign Season to Assist my Ballot Access – Televised Debate Access, as the Media chooses Candidates for Debates according to how much money is DONATED to their Campaigns!  



The Presidential Filing Process for Fifty State Primaries-Caucus is Honorable though, expensive and arduous!  Silvia Stagg is your only Life Extension Candidate and the Write-In General Election Ballot is very easy for Silvia Stagg to access Especially with the national security clause, though, each state is different! Five States do not accept Write-In Candidates however, the largest States do so. I, Silvia Stagg attended Conservative Forums CPAC 2015 & CPAC 2017 meeting/speaking with many of the former Presidential Candidates!



Kindly Email All Fifty USA State Election Division Directors, and Republican Party Chairs-Vice Chair (i.e. ballot access and Poll Watcher) each required State Form for every General Election. The State’s Division/Board of Elections is under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of State.



Confirm General Election Dates (including early voting) General Election Write-In Ballot Access is Allowed for 45 out of 50 USA State/USA Territories – Protectorates as a matter of national security! Reportedly, at least Ten Million Democrats are interested in supporting my 2020 – 2040 Presidential Campaign!



Request each county of each state ensure I am included in the ballot access process in the upcoming General Elections as a Presidential Candidate for the Republican Party or Independent as a matter of national security!

Note: USA Territories/Protectorate Include: Puerto Rico-US Virgin Islands-US Guam-Marshall Islands. 

Silvia Stagg, A Good Gnome Individual

  • Federal Victim-Witness on National Security Issues – Republican Presidential Write-In Ballot Candidate seeking Federal Victim Witness Protection Housing & Funds!
  • Filed FEC/Federal Election Commission 
  • US Office of Government Ethics
  • Actively Filed since August 4-2011- Jan 31, 2018, on file.




Above: Our Beloved Central Park - New York City (Manhattan)

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Below: NASA Apollo Moon Missions 1968 - 1972 Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins,
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