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Welcome To My Websites! I am a well known Conservative Republican Presidential Candidate Write-In - IND Ballot FEC filed 2012-2016 as a REP-IND-DEM and 2020-2024 as a REP-IND for the Campaign - General Election Cycles. It should be known, I am a Congressional - Federal - State Victim Witness Seeking Victim Witness Protection Housing and Compensatory Funds For LIFELONG BLACK OPS TECHNOLOGY FACILITATED Damages Perpetrated Upon Myself. Further, I am the only Good Gnome DNA Individual Alive, As A Presidential Candidate Willing & Available To Install Socioeconomic Equality Worldwide with Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs on/off Planet While Protecting USA's Most Advanced National Security Protected Technologies. It is important To VOTE Silvia Stagg For President 2012-2048!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Biography of Silvia Stagg

Silvia Stagg For President...2012-2048


Silvia Stagg Republican Presidential 
Candidate For US President 2012 - 2048!

Welcome To My Websites!

Former President George W. Bush US CENSUS 

I am a National Security Victim Witness, and US Presidential Candidate, due to being the only Good Gnome DNA Candidate and the only Candidate to Install Your Natural Rights Life Extension Healings To Save and Empower The White European Christian Race Worldwide historically and heinously systematically denied their 'Natural Right Life Span' of 120 years endowed by our Creator! Infrastructure is Linked to Life Span and it Increases Lifespan at this magnitude for any Race.  However, our Washington D.C. Government has been Playing God and Is Importing-Exporting Crime-Terrorism-War or Warlike Circumstances worldwide which has been methodically and insidiously destroying our Race Generation by Generation, deciding who meets and marries, and who shall be allowed to have children, and what Identity, Intelligence, Memory, Talent, Skills, Resourcefulness, Personality Including What Sexual Identity, our Children shall have, and what health problems, and length of lifespan our children shall have, and so  forth to our ruination while flooding our country with Racist Indigenous Minorities who are being upgraded genetically with our White European DNA to compete and replace us as we are being genetically degraded and DENIED Our Natural Rights, DENIED OUR Constitutional Rights, Natural Rights, Civil, and Human Rights as a Race of People who Infrastructure the World. Thereby, taking over all White European Christian Race Countries by Artificially  changing the Demographics of the United States of America, and our countries worldwide (especially since AUG 31-1997 to date) to prevent our Race from Sufficient Procreation which would protect White Race Franchisement the only way the Common Man and the Masses can ASSERT themselves to attempt to obtain appropriate Legislative Representation by Government, which if had, would help save the White Race from further Emasculation, and Disenfranchisement resulting in the current process of White European Race Extinction or White European Christian Race Extinction which is what we are experiencing today! No one need fear Most Trusted Programs, as it offers something for everyone and ends, homelessness, indigence, and illiteracy, immediately worldwide by bestowing infrastructure and moneys in larges sums to EVERYONE according to their legal status, and circumstances as Crime Victims of Anarchy Oppression! With advanced technology, I as US President bring back your loved ones per their legal status!

Since August 4-2011 to date,, I am filed with the FEC/Federal Election Commission and the US Office of Government Ethics as your only Life Extension - Most Trusted Programs Candidate accepted by the Republican National Party as their US Presidential Candidate as a Matter of National Security! 

The term Most Trusted was a name given to me by the United States Department of Justice Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI/Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller after investigating myself, my handwriting, and content analysis of my submission (along with my brain tap - time clock) to the US Dept. of Justice. A designation I am proud of, you can be sure!

While working on my victim witness case, for nearly two years, I became a Church Choir Member and Church Reader for the Catholic Church and Episcopal Church located in Niagara Falls-New York. While I was a Choir Member, I was again Baptized Catholic and Confirmed as a Catholic at Holy Family's Churches: Lady of Mount Carmel and Saint Joseph on April-3-2010. Upon relocating to Miami Florida, per the instructions of Senator Marco Rubio, pledging to place me into the Witness Protection Program, I attempted completion of college. Though hunted, at MDC/Miami Dade College and FIU/Florida International University studying IT and Journalism-Photojournalism.

Being a member of the well known Benitez-Rexach family of Puerto Rico, I was born in Brooklyn New York (Kings County) on July 27-1957. I am one quarter German, Polish, Puerto Rican/Spanish and French. For one year each, I lived in Puerto Rico and Mexico as a child.  For Five years I was married to the son of a former Consulate General-Charge D'Affairs to Manhattan-New York City from Panama, Juan Antonio Stagg. My mother, 'Marion Haag' graduated Valedictorian from St. Anne's Parochial High School and unlike her brother completed two years of Business College  and became a  Businesswoman who owned a garment factory in China Town-Manhattan-New York.  During the late 1960s, after selling her Garment Factory, my mother was later employed for one year by the FDA/Food and Drug Administration in Washington-DC, while my step-father was a US Secret Service Agent at the White House for Lyndon Baines Johnson.

My uncle, mother's brother, Edward Haag, graduated with honors from Princeton University-New Jersey and retired from the lifelong position of Post Master from the US Postal Services Cherry Hill-New Jersey, and his first daughter followed in his footsteps graduating from Princeton University with Honors! In 1992, before realizing I was a National Security Victim Witness, I continued developing my Photography-Art Studio, advertising in a fair amount of publications, including Forbes Magazine 2/1993.   My business closed down January 1995, forcing me to dedicate myself to fighting against the injustices of Black Ops Technology abuses!

Please, help me to save our endangered world and our precious and endangered  White Christian European Descent Race now facing Race Extinction within One Hundred Years by making me your US President!  Do whatever you can to assist me in accessing the Ballot in every County in all Fifty States of these United States of America as your Presidential Candidate. 

Kindly Contact The National Committee GOP Chair in Washington D.C. and GOP State Party Chairs-Vice Chairs in all Fifty States, and  SOS - Elections Division Directors and Sign-Notarize Petitions For Registered Voter Signature and Electors For Silvia Stagg to be granted Access to Each and Every State Ballot for Primaries - Caucuses as well as the Presidential General Election! Proceeding as a WRI Candidate has limitations during times of extreme corruption and Anarchy!

Lastly,  assist me, to obtain Increased Donations and eventually Voters to allow me to survive and rise to the White House as President a most difficult task, but possible nonetheless. Then I will be able to can proceed as an Independent Candidate with a better choice for a Vice Presidential Candidate to win the White House!

Silvia Stagg
Silvia Stagg For President Campaign Committee
Silvia Stagg Is A Good Gnome Individual -
National Security Victim Witness
Republican - Independent, WRI, 
US Presidential Candidate
Filed FEC/Federal Election Commission 
US Office of Government Ethics, and US Congress
since August 4-2011



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Together, We Can Overcome Socioeconomic 
Oppression Resulting in Anarchy Worldwide Due To White European Christian Race 
Emasculation and Disenfranchisement Resulting In Race Extinction! 
Respectfully, Silvia Stagg

Silvia Stagg

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